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Motorcycle Seat Restoration Service

How do we restore a seat?

  1. A very worn seat arrives for restoration
  2. The old cover is removed and the original foam separated from the base
  3. Adhesive is applied to the base onto which the foam is now securely attached
  4. Any badly worn areas of foam are then cut away and replacement segments are carved from new material
  5. These are glued in place and trimmed to the shape of the seat
  6. The whole seat is then covered with a thin foam layer and if appropriate, a water resistant plastic film
  7. A new cover, made in our own sewing room is now expertly stretched over the seat ensuring an even & wrinkle-free finish
  8. Final trimming of excess material is done to produce a seat that is now as good as new
Worn Seat
Old Cover Removed
Adhesive Is Applied
Badly Worn Areas Cut Away
Glued In Place
Thin Layer Of Foam
New Cover Made In Our Sewing Room
Final Trimming

An accurately rebuilt seat will enhance a restored classic bike or make a customised one really special.

For further details see photo gallery