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About P&P Seats

We offer complete replacement seats for classic bikes, or an individualistic alternative with enhanced comfort, for a range of modern touring bikes. We also offer a range of self-fit covers for the DIY enthusiast.

Our range covers all the classic and modern styles of bikes from the old British classics through the Japanese classics to the modern day touring, road and race bikes.

We also offer a customisation and restoration facility 'second-to-none' made easier because we mould all of our own foam and have a full metal workshop where we can bring an ageing bike seat to life in most cases.

  • Our range of authentic classic seats is as near to factory originals as possible
  • If you have a modern bike we can offer a range of replacement after-market seats giving your bike a specialised, individual or unique look

Gel Pads

Gel pad

For the latest in comfort have a gel pad fitted during the manufacturing process to relieve the 'numb-bum' syndrome.